Fundación Banco Popular hosts 6th annual Fostering Alliance meeting


Banco Popular Foundation (BPF) will hold the 6th  annual  meeting with participants of the “Fostering Alliance” program affiliated with the Collaboration and Social Innovation Community (CSIC), on Thursday, November 17. The guest speaker will be Tonya Surman, a social entrepreneur and founding director and CEO of the Centre for Social Innovation Centre in Toronto, Canada.


During the first hour, Tonya will speak about her experiences with designing spaces, processes, and products that promote the power of self-interest towards a positive, inclusive, and impactful collaboration. She will focus her presentation on how to foster collaboration for the creation of innovative solutions, in and out of the CSIC, especially for members of the Alliance who do not “live” in BPF’s premises.


After a lunch, participants will attend a two to a three-hour session where they will break down in groups to work and adapt components of the Constellation Collaboration Model developed by Tonya. They meeting will end with a casual cocktail at the Patio.


Then on Friday, November 18, the CSIC will host a working session with other coworking spaces such as El Colaboratorio, Piloto 151, Parallel 18 and the Center for Social Innovation affiliated to the Office of the Commissioner of Municipal Affairs.


During this session, Tonya will be about the history of the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto and how the center itself is an example of social innovation. Also, she will explain the difference between a space designed exclusively for coworking and a space that looks to create an ecosystem that prioritized social impact and multisector alliances. She will share collaboration examples and success stories from and within the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto and other places. We will also discuss how to make these spaces more accessible.