MAPR project concludes successfully at in the Visual Arts Central


Once again, the education division of the Puerto Rico Art Museum successfully completed its “Art, Science and Technology” project. A group of 40 students from the neighboring Visual Arts Center high school in Santurce took part in the project this year.

The Banco Popular Foundation supports this educational project that encourages the development of an integrated vision of the possibilities of how science is at the service of cultural management and the artistic heritage of Puerto Rico and the rest of the world.

Students were divided into two sessions and they had the opportunity to participate in 12 workshops and lectures by local artists and teachers which explored art, conservation, registration of works, graphic design and other related topics. This experience was a unique opportunity to strengthen their knowledge of science, mathematics, art and art history.

Among the pieces created as a result of the workshop are wind chimes, ceramics and graphic work entitled “Who am I?” To produce this last work, the students explored the world of photography and digital art. The work served as a starting point for personal reflection and a search for an artistic proposal.

At the conclusion of the project the students received a certificate of participation, educational materials and memberships for a year to visit the Puerto Rico Art Museum.

Art work – “Who am I?” by participant Tabatha Rogue Lind