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Fundación Banco Popular recently granted the Rafael Carrión Jr. Academic Excellence Award to 100 students in recognition of their outstanding performance in the College Board competency tests, in which they received the highest scores.   The students from public and private schools throughout Puerto Rico received a trophy and a financial incentive to motivate them… Continue reading


Given the current situation on the island, in which our population decreases every day, the Alianza Mutisectorial Echar Pa’lante supported by Popular, Inc., bets on children and youngsters as one of the solutions. Looking to expand opportunities to export competitive citizens to the world, they developed a guide to promote entrepreneurship and innovation from the… Continue reading


How much should I save? How often? How do I build a credit history? Do I need insurance? When we approach the subject of finances, many questions come up. Kenneth Pabón-Astor, director of Finanzas en tus Manos, responds to these questions with the eight principles of financing:   Savings: This principle is one of the… Continue reading