Marianas gets purified water

After the passage of Hurricane Maria, Fundación Banco Popular together with Rayo de Luna and Planet Water Foundation installed 12 water purification towers in communities in Humacao, Canóvanas and Lares so that they had access to clean water. One of the communities where three towers were placed was the Marianas neighborhood of Humacao, which is helping a thousand people a day get clean water.


Joaquín Alonso with his wife Glenisse Pagán, co-founders of Rayo de Luna, said that, in the absence of electricity, the pumping of drinking water to this mountainous area is difficult, so five months after Hurricane Maria, the drinking water service is intermittent. These towers are giant water purifiers that purify a thousand liters per hour, using gravity or a manual pump, according to Alonso.


The water tank is filled and by the same gravity, that height, the water is pushed through the purifier, providing the water through nine faucets, where people get their share, he explained.


For Alonso, the water towers are of great importance for this community, since drinking water comes and goes and taking water from springs, rivers or places that they believe are clean, represent a health risk. With these towers, it is guaranteed that the water they receive is always clean.


Both Alonso and Pagán highlighted the union that exists in the Marianas neighborhood to recover from the damage caused by the devastating cyclone.


In this process, visiting different communities around Puerto Rico, we have seen how people have done it (the recovery work of the community), basically by themselves. The best example has been here in Humacao, said Alonso.


The installation of these towers represents a relief for the residents of Marianas, who claimed to feel forgotten after Maria and in a daily struggle to survive, so they joined together for their voices to be heard.  During this month, 12 additional water purification towers will be installed in communities affected by the hurricane.


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