Working Towards Puerto Rico’s Recuperation


A year after Hurricane Maria, our communities have slowly but surely repaired and restored their surroundings while also healing emotionally.

After launching Embracing Puerto Rico—an initiative led by Fundación Banco Popular and Popular Foundation—$6.1 million have been raised thanks to corporate and individual donors’ generosity, including an initial contribution of $1 million from Popular, Inc.

The initial efforts focused on providing immediate relief to the island’s hardest-hit communities. In addition, we financed projects aimed at stabilizing communities and assisting them in their post-disaster recovery in areas such as infrastructure, economic development, education and mental health. Our next phase, the long-term impact stage, intends to support local social transformation projects.

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Fundación Banco Popular and Popular Foundation have designed and supported efforts to address the following areas of need:

Immediate Phase

icon_eng_CareTrucksDelivered food, water and immediate relief to vulnerable communities.

icon_eng_TherapyHelped children living in shelters manage their post-disaster emotions through music.

icon_eng_HubsCollege campuses served as workspaces for non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs.

Intermediate Phase

icon_eng_EconomicRecoverySmall businesses, product of Grupo Guayacán’s entrepreneurial development programs, received grants to continue with their projects.

icon_eng_SustainableAffected communities received access to clean water via solar-powered purification systems. Also, built solar panels in community-based organizations.

Long-Term Phase

icon_eng_RebuildingV2Thanks to the Big Ideas Challenge, Puerto Rico’s non-profit organizations are developing new solutions to deal with the island’s most pressing issues.

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