Asociación Pro Juventud Y Comunidad De Barrio Palmas

Organization founded in 1984 by a group of citizens concerned about the high incidence of social problems in their Cataño community. Their vision is to contribute to the social cohesion and mobility through initiatives that stem from the strengths of the community to address the weaknesses that limit their quality of life. Seventy five percent of their community service initiatives are aimed at children, adolescents and the young adult population.

(787) 788-5105 - (787) 788-6269

P.O. Box 63476



Each year they serve approximately 80 adolescents in the Community Youth Prevention Program to train community leaders. In its education program, 80% of middle school students passed the placement test, which gave them the opportunity to be placed in the academic level for their age, minimizing the risk of becoming dropouts.

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