Centro Educativo Joaquina De Vedruna

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Institution founded by the Carmelite Sisters to offer an alternative education for adolescent boy dropouts. They aim to stimulate and develop their participants’ talents, to make them feel useful and attain the tools and skills necessary to get a job.

(787) 789-4627 - (787) 789-4627

2017 Carr. 177



In the last three years 45 high school students have graduated. The computer course opens doors to new technology and helps participants gain new techniques to find employment or become self-employed.

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Volunteers needed to perform general administrative tasks, a classroom aide, and library volunteer assistant during lunch/recess. Also accept volunteers in special events such as the Achievement Day, field trips, Field Day, Christmas Day, Family Basketball Tournament. Volunteers are also [...]

(787) 789-4627 - (787) 789-4627

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