Instituto Especial Para El Desarrollo Integral Del Individio, La Familia Y La Comunidad

Post secondary institute that offers vocational, technical and high skill programs, accredited by the General Council of Education. They provide multidisciplinary services in the community of Yauco.

(787) 856-3798 - (787) 856-4192

P. O. Box 1241


They impact over 1,350 people annually. Their education and prevention project has an annual enrollment of 213 children and adolescents and achieves a meaningful obtainment of knowledge and develop of their talents in various areas of the arts. The adult interaction program has an annual enrollment of 140 youth and adults that are able to gain knowledge in various areas of the arts and even to become self-employed. As part of the program the adults are given the opportunity to acquire the Artisan Certificate from the Industrial Development Company.

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