Juan Domingo En Acción

Organization committed to improving the quality of life and promoting the sustainable development of the community of Juan Domingo. The organization works through innovative educational initiatives with the aim of improving the academic achievement of children and youth in the community, reduce the incidence of dropouts, encouraging people to become productive citizens and to eradicate material and spiritual poverty. Currently, the organization provides strength to the community through education programs such as the Tomás Blanco Library and Montessori pre-school serving 75 children.

(787) 783-4034 - (787) 783-4034

Bo. Juan Domingo, 55 Calle Los Robles



During 2009, 160 students were attended from k-12. Ninety eight percent was promoted to the next grade level. Of these, 33% passed with an A average, 42% with a B average, and 18% with a C average. An analysis of pre and post-tests indicate that there was significant progress (50%). The social commitment of Juan Domingo in Action with the community is palpable as seen on the payroll where 90% of employees are residents of the community.

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