Nuestra Escuela

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Organization founded in 2000 with the purpose of providing educational services to school dropouts. Their intervention model is based on a comprehensive, personalized education and psychosocial development. They are located in Caguas, Loíza and Vieques.

(787) 258-0636 - (787) 746-5852

Avenida San Claudio #352, Buzón 133



Since its foundation, they have served 800 participants, graduated 461, and achieved a 98% retention rate. All of the students retained complete their fourth year of high school and the goals of the organization. Nuestra Escuela, Inc. was honored by the Organization of American States as a “School that makes school.” The Executive Director received the Medal Sister Isolina Ferré “Excellence in the service of others.” The Department of Education, Adult Education Program has always evaluated the project in 100% compliance and classified it as a “Best Practice Project.”

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They receive volunteers that can assist them in tutoring students in the five locations of the organization: Caguas, La Barra, Loíza, Vieques and Culebra. In addition, they seek expert advice on business development and sustainability areas.

(787) 258-0636 - (787) 746-5852

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