Our Social Investment Translates into Quality of Life


The social investment of Banco Popular Foundation translates into a tangible impact on the quality of life of our people. Thanks to our financial support, 9,603 persons received direct benefits, most of them (7,239) being children and youngsters. The remaining people include 2,364 adults and 639 special education children and adults.


The following six indicators summarize our positive impact:


  • Academic Achievement: Over 4,000 children benefited by getting better grades, completing their classes, improving their performance in specific subjects, and graduating from high school.
  • Behaviors: Thanks to the programs supported by Banco Popular Foundation, over 2,600 children strengthened their positive actions while 2,201 improved the quality of their social interactions.
  • Acquisition of Skills: Almost 1,600 children and youngsters improved their sports, artistic or technological skills while another 1,000 developed musical/artistic skills. We also helped 53 children to acquire physical and motor skills, among others.
  • Vocational: One of our objectives is to assist youngsters to identify their vocation. To that effect, we stimulated 943 students to define their vocational interests and assisted 278 in developing vocational/technical skills.
  • Special Education: The programs we supported helped over 4,000 children with disabilities to develop physical, motor, sports, and artistic skills; to define vocational skills; to improve social interactions, and to strengthen positive social behaviors.
  • Self-Management or Entrepreneurial Development: We helped 200 people to acquire skills to develop a business; 41 persons to launch a new business, and 2,165 to increase their financial resources.